How to

How to find and install the LEVELFIX APP

Install the APP

1. Find and install

Search for LEVELFIX CONNECT to find the APP on the play store (android) or APP store (ios) and install it on your device.

2. Settings

Before opening the APP make sure the Bluetooth and Location functions are enabled.

3. Open the APP

Open the app by tapping the icon

4. Create an user account

You can easily create a user account by entering your name, mailadress, and password and tap on register.

5. Find and pair a device

Turn on the laser instrument and tap "find nearby" in the APP.

You can also connect by type. In this case you can select the type first and then press on "Scan and Pair"

6. Functions

You can now use the remote control functions, advanced settings like setting a Pincode or reading the product manual